Marked Skin


Once it was a sign of individualism. Once it was a passage to manhood. It has been looked down on and regarded as royalty. Lets just say that it has been both good and evil. But it has always been. Today it seems more about belonging to a fad and not about belonging to yourself. Deciding what to get and when used to come with a lot of thought but it seems today that whatever the next person has is just what to get. Maybe this is the reason that it is more vilified these days than before. Some would like to believe that it is because of the popularity of the culture but I believe that the art of tattooing has been lost on not only the title but the reasoning. Why would one person get a mark on their skin because the next person has? You have to look at this the rest of your life. Maybe this is the reason for the degrading of tattooing as an artistic expression because in todays time you can have them removed if desired. Then there is the idea of covering ones entire body and for no reason. Its just everything in life, eith moderation. BUt more so the more you have then the lesser the value of the ones you have and the art and they all become more saturated.

Now to the reasoning for this post. I have been thinking about the times we live in and the ones that we see with the majority of the work in my culture. These people seem to be followers and not leaders. THese people seem to be using these tattoos the same way a scared child uses his blanky. Envision Lionis from Charlie Brown dragging around his blanky and then switch to any new popular out putting of the culture (music and sports). What you see is a group of lost, lonely and scared people following a trend and hiding there character defects behind the tough guy exterior of tattoos. They can not only have one two small or large pieces that are art but they have their entire bodies covered as to protect or hide themselves. Often I wonder what is it that they don’t like about themselves or that they like in others that they have to stretch the idea of freezing a memory in time on their skin or choosing to be art themselves. The actual act of tattooing is drawing which is art and meant to display some emotion outwardly what you feel inside. When looking at these “tough guys” it seems that they have over done It considerably. WHy so much? why so many? At some point they just begin to look dirty. There is never a mention of the meanings behind it. not that they have to but they want to be seen therefore they are open to be discussed. I say if you go all out then take a min to share the stories. or maybe discover some history behind it.


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