Sports the Mental Game. 2


There have been professionals criticized most recently for their off the field actions but with the onslot of attention given to athletes and their actions now there seem to be college players at risk. Is this shocking? It should not be. The problem or problems are not for those that make the bigger dollars or those that are in a major media market or even those from a hard background. These problems are human and therefore societal at its core.
A recent successful and seemingly troubled college star has come under this umbrella of scrutiny and maybe punishment. Having already been under the eye of the law from other issues this individual has other incidents where he has done things not becoming of a growing and learning young man that apparently will be given riches and allowances to do as he pleases as long as he performs in his sport. This most recent incident where it is said that he made a scene while saying some less than flattering words towards women appears in isolation not to be a societal issue in sports but taking the sum of all the parts of the athletes misguided behaviors shows some real societal issues. Where is the maturation of a person having already faced troubles? Where is the responsibility of being placed in a position that you asked for? There appears to be a complete lack of and disregard for morals strong will. To those were much is given much is required. Has this been lost in today’s instant society? Or has the mental game been lost with today’s athletes? Mayne the answer is both. It has been rumored and in some cases shown to be true that many athletes, programs and institutions have looked the other way to behaviors that can be overlooked because the athlete is an asset in some profitable way. This mindset goes back further than college and even high school. Parents and family members begin to place ideals of better than in kids interested in sports by undermining their own morals and ideals when the kid is allowed to skip some homework assignment or miss a church activity or show some slight form of disrespect to some authority figure as long as the perform on the field of play. As we build athletes we have stopped building character. This process may start or not with parents but gets bigger and worse as the child grows to a teen to a young adult that has learned that their behavior does not have to mirror their peers as long as they continue to separate themselves from the average in the field. Therefore on theory stunting their growth to that same kid that never learned that actions have consequences that must be answered too.


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