The most famous dream. Is it a dream deferred or misinterpreted? So many injustices for man kind a dream never meant so much and from the continued injustices going on not realized. With so many supposed advances in recent years a lot of us believe the dream has been achieved. Today we have a two term black president and sports and popular music is filled with black entertainers that have excelled at what they do and are living their dream. We actually believe that this is the dream.
Maybe my generations dreams are short term or just maybe nightmares cause I can not believe that this is the dream that he had in mind. Socially equal and mankind at a better place. Are we at a better place?
Has mankind learned to care for one another more?
Have we learned to accept each other and respect our differences?
Do we understand the importance of nonviolence and using our mental to the fullest?
Listening to popular Americans them he answer to the deeper meaning of the speech of the dream is NO. We seem to believe that my dream is more important than our dream. And not only that I want to constantly tell you about my life as a dream and how great it is for me. What is the problem with that? I’m really asking, what is the problem with that? The dream started out meaning so much to one person but because of its sincerity and passion meant the world….to the world!

A dream is a lot of things and can be interpreted many ways. I beleive that there are meanings trapped within our dreams that are soul is trying to relay to us. Lessons we need to learn and maybe messages to deliver. One great man shared his dream after witnessing so many wrongs and having injested all that negativity for so long. Negativity in racisim and pure hate. Unrealized potential and violence all hurt him so deep. The love in him would not could not allow him to feel that hurt for humanity and not give a rebuttal.

Thinking about that true love for one another is such a beautiful thing that it would allow someone who felt so much pain to want to offer his dream his love back to those same people and those who do not realize they need it. This love as powerful as it is is so simple and pure that it must be a natural pure love than one can witness any where in anything if they know how/where to look. Why does an abused pet find itself so open to loving the next human being without holding grudges for its species past digressions.

Now I started this because I’ve recently heard some “celebrities” say what the dream meant to them and almost everyone of them commented saying something about their personal dream. That bothers me that the ones that so many look to are so self involved and leading the next generation to be the same way. Worry about and celebrate your dream. Dont worry about celebrating mankind. I do not think this was the dream that was had. This may have been apart of it but we need to lie back down and continue to dream because we have definitely gotten up to early from such a great dream to chase material things that me self happy.


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2 Sides of You


How can there be 2 Sides of You?
It was all good just a week ago,
You just patted me on the back when I was down.
You just shared what seemed to be pieces of your real life with me.
Expressing personal stories in confidence.
We seemed to share some commom level od understanding.
That was a smile.
That was an agreement.
That seemed to be the transformation from an associate to a friend.
How can there be two sides of you?
Maybe having two sides makes you feel powerful.
Maybe having two sides gives you comfort.
Maybe having two sides allows you the piece to swallow your meal because you feel that its required to be what the mirage of your two sides shows you.
Shows you when you look in the mirror.
How can there be two sides of you?
This week I don’t recognize you.
I’m not familiar with you but I’m more aware of you!
If I could stand you I’d need to keep you closer.
But this side of you lets me know that you could care less than be familiar with me.
Your look is disguisted with me.
Your actions enendanger me.
Your no friend to me.
This side of you appears more polished, more colorless.  It has no depth.
This side of you feeds from diminishing. From pulling others to its pit of no light.
This side of you appears soulless and that frightens me.
Not for me but for you.
Well maybe a little for me because this side of you angers me to the point of rage.
Rage because I trusted that other rough, soulful side.
Rage because the soulless side seems to despise me as well as hide from me.
How can there be two sides of you?
Maybe there aren’t two sides of you. Maybe you are who you are.
I’d rather not beleive that because that means the side of you that shows the most has to be closer to the real you than everything I’ve seen and wanted to see in that comfortable side of you.
I’d like to believe that you are that soulful side. But you are not comfortable with that side, with how the world will respect that side because worldy respect means something to you.
You know what I can’t believe I’ve spent this much energy. This much time and effort on the two sides if you.
Man fuck both sides of you! I hope you love both sides of you and can live with the side you respect today.  Before you leave the comfort of your home look in the mirror and ask yourself, How can there be two sides of you?



Feeling like I need a way out
Wishing on a star to be with the stars to be amongst the stars. Having had enough of this mundane existence. Like this box is the only life ill know.
Somebody take me away. To where the sky is infinite and its only limit is not being there! I want that freedom I need that breeze hell I am that free. My soul is just that a free, wild Mustang or yet a lone wolf looking to belong to a pack just as hungry but just as free!
Sombody take me to area 51. Hopefully there is one ticket lefr for departure.  Ill take a window seat, an isle seat, the emergency seat. I will even take cargo long as when we arrive I see shining stars. Long as this box has been incenerated from our exit of this solar system.
I need a spaceship!
I need a ship that welcomes the journey to a place never before seen but much often dreamed about. A place that has ben stomped out by bullies, thats clocked in by dead end jobs and non progressive careers, a place that school systems dont allow you to study there, a place that politicians and religions cant control.
I just need a spaceship!
I just need to be happy with where ive come to and be happy cause I could be in the same place I was. I need to get my head out the clouds (small thinker) and stick to this reality. Its not that bad.
Im just telling you my soul needs a spaceship. Im waiting for I will go quietly into that night long as its going up up and away!
Even as much as I want that lift, as much as I hope someone sees my weary traveler’s thumb pointing upward I keep myself grounded! I freeze just as many flights as a blistering noreaster. For I feel I dont exist for just me. I want all souls to take a ride on this spaceship.
I fear its not possible though because there is no use for fear on this ride, no place for groups/cliques/hierarchy/classicism/racism/swagism non of that.
Hell that my problem worrying about everyone else.