Broken Mirror


Dawn breaks and its time to start a new day. A chance for promise in a new day, a new way. Breath it in, smell the optimism in it. Inhale exhale lets go! Feet hit the floor but before the broken glass cuts your heals your thoughts have already begun to beat on you. To replay past damage, caused and felt! (When is the next nap) hurry hurry what’s this nrw normal that’s dulls your sensation?  Not the bottle to afraid of that, nothing to physically replace this inner pain. Ah ha, the boon tube. What’s the time?  Can’t miss my programs. The entire day is planned by your programs. Watching the world turn. As much as you despise the images you stay tuned in. One show to the next. That’s how you dull the pain. The way you avoid cleaning that broken glass!

Feet hit the floor but you haven’t even moved your ass of the mattress.  Thisbis getting old but its so comfortable.  So familiar. 

Stretch, move on. You don’t even want to brush your teeth in order to avoid the pieces. There every where! Some pieces sharper than others. Some big some that are just now falling some that are very small like dust but cut the deepest. As a matter of fact you know those get in deep wiggle around often become forgotten about but hurt the worst and rake the longest to heal. Your gonna have to work hard to get those out.

Shit I will wash my hands elsewhere I’m not dealing with this now. Let me ease my mind and zone out a second first. Maybe then like always you will be to distracted too much adrenaline over others lives going to feel what you see.

You know what? This box, these walls, this house can’t keep you forever. Is it really that bad? Is not repairable? 
Keep watching everyone else’s false mirror and watching life pass you by and you will never know.

Pain means your still alive. (Heard some wise people say this once) Pain means there is still a chance. But without struggle trust and believe there will be struggle!

Come on, I will go with you.  Hold your hand and when you ask help put back the big pieces, replace the small pieces and find those little irritating pieces that will inevitably show up when you clean this place. 🙂

Your not alone in this. That’s your piece of mind and your pieces in your way but  YOU DIDNT PUT THEM THERE ALONE YOU JUST LEFT THEM THERE.

Time to wake up and fix your broken bathroom mirror. That’s your reflection!  Enjoy you. No longer will you avoid the shattered pieces. Your life is yours and no one else’s. Take them out the picture. 


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