Friday night Tykes?


As I am watching my first episode of this new television show Friday night tykes I am finding myself angered and disgusted with the adults over involved, the network for allowing this and capitalizing off of these kids futures and the place that our society is going. My major concerns: I have not heard anyone mention anything about education (ok there here for football) I only heard one mention of making sure the kids have fun and why Must we as a society continue to eat this sour soul fattening food from mass media that it most important to be an athlete.  Come on adults let the kids play sports for fun at this age and learn the structure of team sports and how that translates to real world but this is not professional and training them this way takes away choices that they are not wven aware of yet. Am I missing something or is there not enough evidence of young adults growing up to fast and focusing on one thing.  Pop culture has them wanting to be millionaires without the work, has them wanting to be rappers and pop musician’s with out understanding what it really takes and what you sacrifice.  More and more adults being created more violent and without being given the chance to be a kid. To have expressed and experienced the full potential of their imagination.  That itself is an evident problem with society.  No originality.  Thia show just continues to feed this cycle and we think this is ok. Give me more shows with after school fin and learning.  Lawyers taking time out to teach their profession. That lends itself to further problems in society. We will take time of our Saturday to teach kids to be hyper aggresive and physically strong but we are too tired to take them to a museum or to some creative profession that they may be interested in. Come on adults. Come on corporate companies invest in a wider future and not all in entertainment………………… TO BE CONTINUED!

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