Why dosent Hip Hop/Rap grow up?


Before I start let me say that hearing complaints from the older generation about my generation and our popular music but I think it’s s time for a serious conversation and I’m going to sound like that older guy who’s generation “was the best.” Having a discussion with a few friends with varying musical tastes the topic turned to the state of rap music today and the theory that it has played a very big part in the decline of morals and negative vibe within our community.  I personally struggle with the term “our community” because I think the problem is not a black or white problem or today with its popularity a inner city or suburban problem. I believe that with the emergence of sharing and buying music online the problem is for those that like or love music and want to consume as much as possible. That is one of the problems that poisons all of the music we love from creation of said music all the way to the albums we don’t buy.
There are lots and lots of ways to continue this but let me start with the reason I am writing this. I love music of all kinds and find an attachment to hip hop but why don’t hip hop artist get old with us? Think about it. Where are your favorite hip hop artist from your youth? A friend of mine asked this question, can’t master P still rap? What about Pastor Troy Or whoever your artist would be that was popular and working hard at that time. Just because they got older does that mean they are no longer talented enough to do it or are we the problem? Did you continue to buy and support your artist or did you bootleg it and then as fads with younger rappers evolved just assimilated to the masses. I think we know the answer. As much as we complain about the state of today’s hip hip (Nas – “Hip Hopbis Dead”) we strive to want to be young and alive so we sell out ourselves and stop following and promoting our generation and just going along with what’s popular.
There are also those that say the government has a hand to play in this. Although I believe in this theory somewhat I am also aware that we all need to take responsibility in this.
Yep I have to go there too. Why is it so prevalent and why are these rappers a dime a dozen? Did gangster rap mold you and does play a part in keeping today’s music and youth held back?……………..

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