Sports, the Mental game.


Ok, here we go.
These following weeks apparently have been hard for the public perception of today’s athletes. It’s been a week of “hard” decisions and “dissapointments” for the business of professional sports. Some major stars and pivotal pieces to teams have come under scrutiny from the legal eye due to some off the field actions. There have been domestic violence, numerous cases, and child abuse. Now there are all sorts of variables in these cases and incidents that judgements should not be made by those that were not involved but let’s look at what’s happening from a rational mental health aspect. Now the league is having to “do something” because it’s a bad look money wise. Let’s be real. A weak 2 game suspension when first hearing of a domestic abuse case (where apparently the athlete confesed to the powers that be that be actually punched the female) but wow when the media releases an actual video of the incident there is a removal of that player. Why is that? There are endorsements on the line. There are fans to loose. Why isn’t the best, most firm punishment initially handed down? It’s not all on the sleeve of the business but in the fans that will no matter what support their means of entertainment. What does that mean? Even though it’s widely, publicly agreed that domestic violence against women is bad, it’s not evil until it happens to a female in your immediate family. Your mom, your sister, your daughter etc… It means that fans want to be entertained in these trying times by their favorite athletes long as said athletes appear to be contrite to some extent. Fans have shown to be flip floppy during an individual game and root for as well as boo their favorite player from play to play long as they play, so of course a fan will acknowledge that a player has been proven to have done something wrong but they still want them on the playing field. They have become so fanatic without legs to stand on that they will not sacrifice that bit of entertainment to stand for what is right.

A societal problem is at large and showing itself in sports and watching sports. Could you support a player, a team, a league of a player that beat your sister? That beat you mother? That beat your daughter?

There is a lack of moral responsibility not only in sports but within us all at this time in our society. Selfishness and envy being at the core. Despair being close by.

These are men that their entire lives have been praised for being physical specimens among us mere mortals and being rewarded for focusing on their physical attributes and neglecting their mental growth. These appear to be kids in “Gladiators” bodies that have not been educated, have not been disciplined in the ways of the real world, have not been guided morally to not only become earning self serving men but well rounded men. All aspects of public school in all areas have been removed. Leaders in the community that helps raise the child are gone! Religion in the school system gone. Respect for and allowance of discipline in the school system gone. So at the core building stages of professional athletes we have removed the blocks to make them well rounded men and women. There is no importance of these things until there is a problem later in life when these young underprivileged athletes have been given wealth and the lack of these things have been perpetuated.

In society this issue has a lot been swept away due to a variety of reasons. There are not only professional athletes that do these things but the everyday man on the streets. What happens here? More or less we don’t know unless it happens to our immediate family and if we do then it’s barbershop talk instead of actions making sure to have been done. Why is this? Once again the same lack of for the professional athletes are possible factors. Removal of such strong character building models for young people is a problem.

With these new incidents when will mental health and character building be taken serious and made mandatory for professional sports. Starting back with public school. Real professionals made available from the bottom to the top. Make it a priority not a possible avenue that people can have access to. Athletes have to go see the trainer, it’s mandatory. They have to practice on their craft, it’s mandatory. Well it should be mandatory that they visit an on staff mental health professional. The guidelines to that are negotiable but the qct a must! First 3 years of professional career. First 3 years post career. Weekly or monthly entire career. Middle schools and high schools having actual mental health professionals on staff. Not school counselors but those playing different roles in the school and the children’s lives. Same thing for high school and college.
Giving and praising these kids for physical attributes and neglecting their overall growth and health is not their issue but our nightmare.
Let’s grow and praise our entire athlete!

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